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San Bernardino County Stormwater Resource Plan

CWE prepared a Stormwater Resource Plan (SWRP) for the Santa Ana River Watershed portion of San Bernardino County.  This was based on the SWRP Guidelines developed by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and in compliance with grant agreement terms.  CWE prepared a grant application for the San Bernardino Flood Control District (SBCFCD), which resulted in an award of $475,000 to develop an SWRP through the Proposition 1 Planning Grant Program.

The SWRP provides water quality data assessment which reviewed existing and developed new tools and models.  This was done to quantitatively assess projects with a goal of achieving water quality objectives.  Assessment and prioritization of projects providing multiple benefits is a key component of the plan.  These stacking benefits include elements such as water quality, water supply, flood management, environmental, and community benefits.  The plan implements monitoring to support future implementation and an implementation schedule while also identifying public and stakeholder involvement.

CWE provided project management and established a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).  The team performed data collection, watershed identification and developed the SWRP. For education and support, CWE facilitated stakeholder/public outreach and education.

Identifying the watershed scope and characteristics was done by studying the land use and soil types.  The rainfall depths and runoff patterns were also studied to generate a full understanding of the existing site.  Water quality priorities were established to guide and set implementation goals.  This led to setting priorities for potential water-related projects.  Metrics-based analyses helped quantify the benefits each project would provide.  Several key analysis methods went into the metrics.  This included pollutant mass balances, forecasting calculations and solution modeling.

A large part of the project scope involved education and outreach.  Because awareness is such an important part of project success, CWE generated materials for both internal training and external outreach use.  These materials were then distributed during coordinated stakeholder and public outreach events.

Project Tasks

Prepare Stormwater Resource Plan (SWRP) for Santa Ana River Watershed portion of San Bernardino County
Develop grant application for SBCFCD for Proposition 1 Planning Grant Program
Provide water quality data assessment and review existing and develop new tools and models
Quantitatively assess projects to achieve water quality objectives
Assess and prioritize projects providing multiple benefits
Implement monitoring to support future implementation and establish implementation schedule
Identify public and stakeholder involvement
Provide project management and establish Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
Perform data collection and watershed identification
Develop SWRP
Facilitate stakeholder/public outreach and education
Study land use and soil types to identify watershed scope and characteristics
Study rainfall depths and runoff patterns to generate full understanding of existing site
Establish water quality priorities to guide implementation goals
Set priorities for potential water-related projects
Quantify benefits each project would provide using metrics-based analyses
Generate materials for internal training and external outreach use
Distribute materials during coordinated stakeholder and public outreach events.