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Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation Earvin Magic Johnson Park

CWE provided conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents and administration, plan checks, bidding, and as-built drawings for improvements to Earvin Magic Johnson Park and Ujima Village.  The Earvin Magic Johnson Park used to serve a portion of the greater Los Angeles area with limited park facilities.  The Phase 1 renovation included improvements to south lake area, including the addition of a community center, a splash pad, playground facilities, and use of stormwater for irrigation and lake water replenishment.  CWE conducted a water and sewer study to assess the feasibility of bringing potable water from the existing water line, adding a line for fire hydrants, and delivering waste water to the existing sewer system.  CWE also conducted topographic surveys, hydrology study and drainage analysis, grading, utility search, and topographic mapping of the 113-acre park.

Project Tasks

Conceptual design
Schematic design
Design development
Construction documents and administration
Plan checks
As-built drawings
Improvements to Earvin Magic Johnson Park and Ujima Village
Addition of
Community center
Splash pad
Playground facilities
Use of stormwater for irrigation and lake water replenishment
Water and sewer study
Feasibility assessment for bringing potable water from existing water line
Adding a line for fire hydrants
Delivering waste water to existing sewer system
Topographic surveys
Hydrology study and drainage analysis
Utility search
Topographic mapping of the 113-acre park