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City of Los Angeles University Park Rain Gardens Design-Build

CWE designed standardized sidewalk planters (rain gardens) that treat stormwater runoff to help address the Santa Monica Bay Beaches Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).  The stormwater planters qualify as Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Low Impact Development (LID) solutions.  Potential sidewalk planter locations within University Park, a residential area adjacent to the University of Southern California (USC), were evaluated, and 35 locations were chosen.  The project involved demolition and reconstruction of parkways, curbs, and gutters so the planters could be constructed within the public right-of-way.  The planter systems provide storage through various media layers and flows are able to infiltrate into the underlying soils.  Additional storage and treatment is provided on the surface above the media layers within the planted area, which also provides aesthetic appeal.  Lastly, the project provided public education benefits, as the community can witness firsthand how the system functions and its intended purpose.

Project Tasks

Design standardized sidewalk planters (rain gardens)
Evaluate potential sidewalk planter locations within University Park
Choose 35 locations for sidewalk planters
To accommodate planters, demolish and reconstruct
Construct planter systems within the public right-of-way
Provide storage through various media layers
Allow flows to infiltrate into underlying soils
Additional storage and treatment
Aesthetic appeal through planted area
Public education benefits by showcasing the system