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City of Huntington Park MS4 NPDES Permit Inspection Services

CWE is providing Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit inspection services to industrial and commercial facilities for the City of Huntington Park.  A variety of other inspection services are also carried out during the visits.

To alleviate an inspection backlog, CWE developed a business outreach program using funds that would otherwise have been lost.  This program helped successfully complete 549 facility inspections and visits in only six weeks.  The framework is still used for ongoing field inspections.

CWE updated the City Business License Database to conform with Permit requirements.  Business inspection criteria was established, and compliance priorities were set from these.

Education in the form of industry-specific outreach letters were generated to help prepare owners/operators for potential upcoming inspections.  CWE generated inspection checklists and forms to document each visit.

Comprehensive field inspections are conducted of these industry-specific businesses.  A thorough drainage characteristics review is part of every inspection.  Any pollutant sources and illicit discharge control is identified and documented.  This documentation can be used for education or enforcement.  It is also key for future inspections when establishing compliance.

A key part of these efforts is to develop geographic references to facilitate future integration into a Geographic Information System (GIS) tracking system.  This will help determine the impacts of the effort over time.

Project Tasks

MS4 Permit inspection services for industrial and commercial facilities in Huntington Park
Conducting various inspection services during visits
Developing a business outreach program to address inspection backlog
Successfully completing 549 facility inspections in six weeks through outreach program
Using outreach program framework for ongoing field inspections
Updating City Business License Database to meet Permit requirements
Establishing business inspection criteria and compliance priorities
Generating industry-specific outreach letters for education and potential inspections
Creating inspection checklists and forms for documentation
Conducting comprehensive field inspections of industry-specific businesses
Reviewing drainage characteristics and identifying pollutant sources and illicit discharge control
Using documentation for education, enforcement, and future inspections
Developing geographic references for future integration into GIS tracking system
Determining impacts over time through GIS tracking system.